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Dedicated to the research of the McCabe family from the Ireland and Scotland immigration paths.

This website is dedicated to researching the McCabe history through Edward McCabe and Sara McAvoy who migrated to the United States of America in Pennsylvania around the 1800s. The group uses scientific information and facts including DNA from sites such as Family Tree, Ancestry and 23 and Me.
Both Edward and Sara McCabe(McAvoy) were believed to have immigrated to the United States of America in around 1880. From there, they landed somewhere around Allegheny, Pennsylvania where they had multiple children including Mary, Joseph, John and Michael McCabe. John McCabe would later meet Alice Seabert Elliott and they would have Irene, Mary, Elizabeth, Lester and Norma McCabe. These family members would branch throughout the United States of America. Lester McCabe would branch into Southern California where he would meet his wife, Noma McCabe. He also moved up north to San Francisco where he would join the military and where he would meet his second wife. In addition to the McCabes, there was also the McKittrick. The McCabe family and McKittrick were neighbors and the families stayed with each other for a very long time.
Other traces of the McCabes can be found across central parts of the United States of America.
The website is owned and operated by Jeremiah O'Neal(McCabe). O'Neal holds a Masters in Science in Cybersecurity (Pending Nov 2023) and has years of family tree research. His dedicated years of research has brought up a significant amount of revelations from the immigration paths of Edward McCabe and Sara McAvoy from Scotland and Ireland to Pennsylvania and the history of the early McCabe settlers in the United States as they branched off into Southern California in the 1920s to 1970s.
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